One-on-One Anatomy Session

One-on-One Anatomy Session

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One-on-One Anatomy Session

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Yoga as physical therapy can help with rehabilitation from injury and surgery. Contact me about your specific injury or illness and we can create a personalized therapy plan. I do specialize in pelvic floor therapy. I had surgery on my pelvic floor and it wasn’t until I started incorporating yoga into my recovery that I began to see results and truly heal.
My approach to physical therapy addresses the mental and emotional trauma as well as the physical challenges that come with pelvic floor injuries.

Our 60 minute sessions may include:

  • pelvic floor education and awareness

  • muscle strengthening and stabilization

  • breathing/meditation for pain management

  • practical coping skills

  • toilet meditation

  • muscle, fascia, and scar tissue release

  • skills to improve or reverse incontinence