Chronic pain education.

“On those days when the pain takes over, it’s easy to lose hope, but remember in those low moments—you are still you!” -Shannan

 Anatomy Education

Book me to speak to your group about the 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Anatomy. This fun, interactive workshop gives you a foundation of knowledge into your own unique body and empowers you to be an informed advocate when you see a doctor or health care professional. Topics we cover include chronic pain, common diseases and ailments, body structure, and breath. Everyone leaves with a personalized body map of their body, a Pain Profile*, and a deeper understanding of how to maintain health and prevent injury and illness. This course provides 2 credits of Continuing Education for any health or fitness instructor.

Contact me to discuss prices. (Prices vary depending on group size and location.)

One-on-One Anatomy Check-in

Sometimes due to the nature of your situation, you may prefer to work with me in a private one-on-one session. The goal of this session is to help you feel clear, informed, and to empower you to make decisions about your body and health. Together we evaluate your body structure, diet, medications, treatments, diagnosis and create a Pain Profile* and Low-Point Plan*. You will find me an empathetic listener and partner to help you navigate your way through your medical journey. Whether you need a preventive check-in, or help in a recovery process, these one-on-one sessions are discrete, calming and empowering.

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Creative Sequencing for Yoga Teachers

Whether you are new to teaching or have been teaching for years, we all need to keep our classes fresh and unexpected—not only for our students but also for our own sanity and the longevity of our teaching careers. In this guide for teachers I outline concrete formulas for you to build your sequences around. This is not a pose by pose guide, but rather multiple blueprints for you to plug your poses into. I've put together these formats over the years purely by experience and I am happy to share them with you. Right now this is only available as a 60 min. Facetime or in-person session, but soon I hope to make this into a down-loadable file you can purchase or watch.

Yoga teachers contact me for info and pricing.

Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Floor Recovery

I specialize in pelvic floor therapy and have helped many women (and some men) recover from surgery or injury to their pelvic floor. More than just a physical therapy appointment, my yoga therapy plan for you addresses your mental and emotional trauma as well as your physical issues. I experienced severe injury to my pelvic floor during the birth of my oldest son and went through surgery and physical therapy. It wasn't until I started using yoga as my healing modality, however, that I was able to find and connect with my muscles again, move gently through the scar tissue with mindful stretches, and overcome the fear and anger I didn't even realize I was holding onto.

In our Yoga Therapy Sessions we may work on the following things according to your needs:

  • education about pelvic floor and all surrounding muscles (abdominals, glutes, etc) that may be affected

  • breathing and meditation techniques for pain management

  • muscle and fascia release

  • muscle strengthening and stabilization

  • improve or reverse incontinence

  • increase sensitivity during intercourse

Injuries and pain do not have to be permanent! Purchase your session here and start your healing journey today.

Pain Profile* Low-Point Plan* copyright of My Dharma Yoga