Awakened Creativity 2017: July

My Awakened Creativity journey in July was rough!! With my children home from school, I felt like all my energy went into managing the balance of family time, work, my teaching schedule, and personal basically life! I had some serious low times and I often had to force myself to engage in creative activities and I am not sure if they brought relief or more stress. For example trying to plan and participate in a hike with my children was both stressful to arrange and hard to do but also fun and rewarding in the end.

As I reflect on last month I can clearly see that if I don't actively choose to pursue creative activities, then my free time gets spent watching TV. Which is OK when there's a good show but it can also be an unnecessary time waster. My mom used to call it the idiot box.

In July the creative things that did bring me joy were swimming with my kids, playing with catsteaching yoga, and reading my new book in Danish. Oh I also started doing some research about the effects of sex on creativity.....more on that later...I still need to do more research.
Life can't all be amazing all the time always and July was a good lesson that when my life is the busiest and the most stressful that's when I truly need creative activities the most!