Awakened Creativity 2017: June

In June I learned it is much easier to be creative when you're on vacation! Without work and household responsibilities, the time I had to create with my family was a luxury.
In Bear Lake we made t-shirts, colored a LOT, played chess, read and gathered shells. 🐚
In California we swam, played laser tag and I finished reading a book in Danish which I haven't done in a few years.
This month I also discovered Audible and am listening to audio books when I drive, exercise or clean, rather than listening to the god damn news.
I also learned that when we are NOT on vacation and my kids are home from school, juggling work and child care are overwhelmingly crushing. The schedule arranging alone is exhausting. But even in the crazy times I am trying to consciously choose to add more creativity and also recognize the creative moments that happen naturally, like when my son wants to show me the geod he broke open, I need to close my laptop and listen.
I am learning to choose to soften into those moments and enjoy them!