Awakened Creativity 2017: May

In May my creative spirit embraced the power of yoga! I know right?! But I spent a lot of time on my mat in the month of May, with many different teachers, and really enjoyed moving my body and enjoying the different styles of each teacher. Every yoga teacher is so creative in their own way—the way they talk, put sequences together, choose music or quotes to share, or just the overall vibe they bring to class. Rather than keeping notes to remember, I truly tried to just enjoy each class as a yogi and allow my creative nature to be moved as I moved on the mat.

Also in May, motivated The Moxy Movement, I played a lot: we played at parks, I went rock climbing, river rafting, hiking, roller skating, played round after round of basketball elimination with my kids, attend a piano recital and somehow even managed to have a pie fight.

This is getting easier.