Awakened Creativity 2017: February

My second month of awakened creativity found me exploring new music. Guest musician Donna De Lory is coming to Mudita in April, so while I was getting familiar with her music I delightfully fell down the yoga music rabbit hole. I listened to dozens of yoga albums and pulled out all the songs that felt inspiring and created new playlists for my classes. 🎶 Music is a powerful creative medium for lifting or shifting our moods.

Other creative things I did this month: started reading a book of fiction (I usually read non-fiction self help books 😂) created a flyer for my yoga retreat, and I added some items to my altar. .
In these small but satisfying ways I am reconnecting with the creative me!!

My favorite yoga music finds were: Marti Nikko, DJ Drez, Jai Uttal, Ashley Wynn, Donna De Lory, Bombino (always a fav), Tinariwen (always a fav) and Krishna Das