Awakened Creativity 2017: September

My month of creativity in September focused tightly around Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, which has really been the basis of my year. I did more research this month on stress, sex and it’s effect on our creativity and overall happiness. There is SO much material available in the forms of podcasts, articles, videos and books—it’s a fascinating topic! I echo what I wrote last month that it doesn’t matter what your sexual choices are, what is important is that you feel at peace about your sexual situation.

You can see that according to this theory, sex is a primary need for humans and that sexual INTIMACY is something we can hope for later when we are cultivating relationships.

September also found me being creative at work. Not only with ideas of how to teach, create programs, workshops, etc. but finding creative ways to interact and communicate with clients, colleagues and employers. I can thank Byron Katie and "The Work" for that!