Awakened Creativity 2017: August

  • It's time to talk about sex and creativity. With my partners permission I post this photo but no worries we aren't going to share any secrets here. What I am sharing is the research I did in July and August regarding sex and its effect on creativity.
    Maslow listed sex as one of the base, primary needs in the hierarchy of human development. Sexual intimacy comes later with love and relationship. Both are important when it comes to creativity, in fact I learned that sex, or lack of sex, can be one of the biggest obstacles a person must overcome if they want to tap into their creative resources.
    Some artists say they did their best work when they were completely celibate, others say their best work was when sex was frequent and sort of out of the way so they could think. And still others admit that having a partner or multiple partners causes too much drama, so they take care of their sexual needs through masturbation.
    While these scenarios seem to contradict each other, what they have in common is that artists who find creative freedom are those that are at peace with their sexual choices. So if they were committed and happy about abstaining, then no sex worked in their favor. Likewise those who wanted sex or release and took care of it, then that situation worked for them.
    The problem arises when someone is in disharmony with their sex life. For example if you're wanting/needing sex and not getting it, the creative energy is blocked and goes toward pursuing and relieving that tension. Sex that isn't satisfying, holding shame around your sexual experiences, or intimacy issues with a partner are other ways that sex can get in the way of creative flow. And for anyone that's ever struggled with any of those issues, you know that it affects not just creativity but also your happiness, confidence, sleep and can cause stress in many areas of your life.
    The takeaway then is to know thyself. Get or don't get the sex you need so you can be at peace and allow your creative energy to thrive! It's been fascinating to study this and I'm interested in your thoughts and experiences! If you want a list of the resources I used, email me and I'll happily provide.