Awakened Creativity 2017: January

My first month of #awakenedcreativity2017 has been a success. One thing I implemented was to take my calendar off my phone. I found this bound daily planner which also has these beautiful coloring pages. It has taken me off my phone a lot and provides something for me to do when I'm waiting that stimulates my creative side. It's also been fun to do with my children. Using creativity as a tool is a way to help keep us connected to our authentic self rather than getting lost in the story of stress, busy-ness, family and work.

Other things I did this month to invite more creative joy into my life:

  • I took my kids to Color Me Mine and we painted pottery

  • I switched from using a black pen to writing with a colored pencil

  • I dedicated two nights to being with creative musicians, arts, lovers and dancers and allowed myself to open up to their magical MY magical energy!

These may seem like small things, but it's my LIFE and if I don't choose to infuse it with beauty and joy it just becomes a dark hole of work and laundry and dishes!

Sometimes happiness takes work.