My Theme for Yoga in 2017!

Finding My Dharma:
The Art of Living with More Peace, Purpose and Joy by Awakening Creativity

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will."
-George Bernard Shaw

I used to write poetry—a lot. I have friends who sang or painted, danced or made models, enjoyed biking or running, but after children—or just as busy working adults—these passions became hobbies that we all forgot, or we became too tired to make time for them. I recently came across one of my old journals filled with poetry and I longed to connect with that part of myself again.

The overwhelming responsibility of work and family becomes the daily priority, even over our own happiness. I find myself believing that as soon as I make enough money, or have enough time, THEN I'll follow my passions. Yet in quiet times of introspection, I long to feel more joy when I'm with my kids AND feel satisfied with my work AND feel like I haven't completely given up on my dreams! My heart and soul desire more than I am giving them. Can you relate?

What are your dreams? What did you used to create? Do you have the courage to follow your hearts desire?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs puts creativity at the top—meaning once ALL other needs are met can we then be creative! But for those of us mired down in providing for our families, those of us overwhelmed with work, security, education and survival, how can we find time for imagination and follow our passions?

In this quest to follow my hearts desire (also called the path of Dharma) I have found that if I fuel my passions and creative side, it pulls me more toward my hearts desire. When I am not just focused on the to-do lists, but allow space for imagination and art, I feel less stressed and more like myself. Even though my problems don't go away, I feel more peaceful about them and feel much more creative about solving the daily challenges. Rather than working on having everything in its place BEFORE we allow ourselves time to create, what if we turned Maslow's theory on its head and made creativity our primary focus?

It is my experiment this year, that if we make an asserted effort to add more art, music, movement, writing, poetry, CREATION into our lives, it will trickle down and influence our decisions about work, family, relationships—it will open pathways for more satisfaction, reduced stress, learning, love and more joy in our lives.

For these reasons I have chosen creativity as my theme for yoga in 2017. Through several yoga offerings this year I hope to awaken the creativity inside of us. It won't be easy. We'll have to make choices that may feel foreign at first. We'll have to allow our hearts to open a bit more and be cynical a bit less. My hope however, is that together we'll each discover more peace, purpose, and joy along the way to our own path of Dharma.  Join me!!