Secret to Stress Relief: Have a mindful, peaceful commute

Is this is standing between you and your home?

If you've got a bad commute ahead of you tonight, try this quick trick to make it more peaceful.

As soon as you get in your vehicle—before you reach for the radio or your phone or start driving— close your eyes and take 3 deep and I mean DEEP breaths.

Know that the work week is over.
Know that even if you have to work tomorrow or Monday, you are not working NOW.
Let the work you did this week be a reflection of what you did and not who you are.
Know that who you are is more than where you work or what you do.
Feel satisfaction in the knowledge that you are providing for yourself and your family.
And finally breathe into the awareness that everything, everything, EVERYTHING will be okay.

Now you are ready to drive!
Put on your favorite music, an audiobook or the radio.
Practice NOT thinking about work and force yourself to smile like this guy in the photo!


It's a silly trick but smiling can raise your endorphin levels and help you arrive home more relaxed.
Have a mindful, peaceful commute today and feel free to connect with me anytime online