A Secret To Stress Relief: LOVE what you do!

Don't let your boss see this!!

Often when I teach yoga to people feeling extreme stress at work, we discover that a common underlying cause of stress is that they just don't like their job! Maybe they had big dreams of pursuing a certain career, but got derailed along the way and are now working at a job where they don't feel they belong. The sense of spinning your wheels, or wasting your time at a job you don't like, leads to deep feelings of anxiety, regret and sometimes even anger.

Of course EVERY job has it's ups and downs, but if you woke up this morning dreading your day, perhaps you need to pause and reconsider how you're spending your time every day.

Not everyone is in a position to change jobs or pursue something risky, but it may be valuable to take a minute to consider these things:
-does my job make me a better person?
-am I still learning things at my job?
-how can I find satisfaction now in this job?
-does this job get me closer to my hearts desire?

For more exploration of these questions—and for a short guided mediation about finding your hearts desire—schedule a 10 minute Stress Relief Break with me online. Even in a job you're not excited about, you can find ways to grow, be satisfied and feel LESS STRESSED!

When you are in the job you love, it no longer feels like work!!