A Secret to Stress Relief: STOP Multitasking!!

Are you a media multitasker?

"You may be in a meeting at work but also watching for incoming texts from your spouse, who needs a ride home—or you may be finishing a work document while keeping an eye on emails so you can respond to a client right away. Some work places expect you to be on top of your in-box at all times of the day. Even when there is no urgency involved, multitasking has become a way of life. You have become used to checking your phone while working, while spending time with your family, and even at the gym and during vacations. 

Multitasking, instead of helping us accomplish more things faster,
actually keeps us from doing anything well.

One study found that the more people engaged in media multitasking (from word processing to text messaging to email), the higher their anxiety and depression levels tended to be. On the other hand, research shows that when we are completeley in-tune with what we are doing, we more fully enjoy that activity."      -Emma Seppala, Secrets of a Happier Life

Schedule a 10 minute Stress Relief Break with me to calm your racing mind! In our 10 minutes together I'll guide you through gentle stretching, breathing and a brief meditation—all of which can be done from your desk. You will return to your work feeling more focused, relaxed and motivated.   

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Let me teach you how to give one task your undivided attention! You will accomplish far more efficiently and quickly—while also enjoying the process!