Get on the Mat and Move

A fun way to deepen your yoga practice is to simply get on a yoga mat and move.  Don't worry about a sequence or whether you are doing it wrong or right.  Listen to your body, start moving, and flow with your inner energy. Sometimes when I do my home practice it is very slow and restful.  Other times I feel the need to push myself and enjoy finding my edge.  I often play with sequencing. Rather than doing what is expected I try to do what feels like the next pose.  Then I take what I discover to the studio and to my online yoga clients.  Some of my favorite classes have come from the yoga sequence I brought from my home practice.

Get on your yoga mat, breathe, and start moving.  It doesn't have to be anything new.  There are enough yoga asanas to keep us all busy for years.  Just feel which yoga poses your body wants to do and enjoy.

Here is a sample from an early morning home practice where I was on my mat doing yoga with no agenda.  Fun times!